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Imagine farming as dancing with the creative powers of the Universe. The dance feeds us so abundantly that we want to share its fruits with others!

In this paradigm, we work with Nature and share with others rather than producing food for consumers. One model separates and alienates us from each other and from the Earth. The other fosters healthy living. Everyone can participate—by fermenting food, sprouting seeds, and appreciating the world around us. The food nourishes us physically; connecting with Mother Nature nurtures us emotionally and spiritually.

We hold the seeds of the future inside us! By planting seeds of hope and sharing, we create a new model, a new paradigm: ABunDance!

We will be inviting people to join the dance of life this season! Stay tuned as we develop the details!

Sally Voris 


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May Day Celebration is on!

Posted by Sally Voris :: Friday, April 29 :: 8:15pm

Our traditional May Day Celebration is on! 

When I looked out my window, I saw a world of lush green,with few flowers to pick for May Day. I realized that we humans need to bring the color to May Day this year. I want to share the story of the land--how the weather is changing and how we as humans are being called to dance with nature. I am preparing a story/performance engaging those who come in a dance with Life! 


Puppeteer Ingrid Cowanhass of Beechtree Puppets based in Takoma Park, Maryland will perform "Butterfly Wonder, A Tale of Metamorphosis" in addition to our traditional May Day Celebration! The 17-minute show features hand-crafted puppets performed on an apron stage. (Ingrid will make REALLY easy and simple paper butterflies afterwards for the children to fly around the garden) 

In the show. Inchy the caterpillar, has just popped out of his egg! He makes new friends, hides from the bird, and eats many leaves before spinning his cocoon and emerging as a beautiful butterfly.  Songs and short dialogues introduce the flowers, animals (a hungry caterpillar in three sizes, a mouse, robin, a bee and of course the butterfly), and the change from daytime to the moon and stars of night.

We will hold our traditional May Pole festivities including the May Pole Dance accompanied by Artie and the Vipers, a folk band based in Baltimore, if possible, but if it is raining, we are cleaning space in the barn and the studio for story telling, craft activities and music. 

We have baby goslings, Guinea keets and peeps and a calf that is due any day. Join us as we celebrate the glory of Spring and new life! 

Click here for a flyer; click here to register for the event. 

Hope to see you soon! 

Sally Voris, White Rose Farm

www.whiterosefarm.com, 410-756-9303


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The farm now has a non-profit associated with it: White Rose Farm Circle, Inc. Its vision is to develop and share a model of community that empowers people to work together to restore health to the land, the natural world and each other. Donations are tax deductible. We invite you to contribute! All donations are welcome!  


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The farm will open its gardening season with a May Day Celebration on Sunday, May 1 from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.       

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