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Several friends are helping me form a non-profit organization, White Rose Farm Circle, Inc. Its mission is to develop and share a model of community that empowers people to work together to restore health to the land, the natural world and each other. We will actively engage people--their heads, hands and hearts--in caring for and connecting with the land, the natural world and each other. 

In this upcoming season, the farm will host more programs, educational events and opportunities to get involved. Stay tuned!

Plans are forming; spring is coming, and there are so many seeds to sow!  

May the sunshine warm your heart! 



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A Space of Love

Posted by Sally Voris :: Monday, March 2 :: 7:33pm

“A father and mother who are actually creating a Space of Love for their children are more spiritual than the most celebrated wise men who only talk about spirituality. Let the spirit of each human being spring up from the ground as a beautiful flower, a tree with fragrant fruit...” Vladimir Megre  

These words from the Ringing Cedars of Russia series sparked a deep resonance in me.  A friend gave me, Anastasia, the first book in the series. In it, Megre describes meeting Anastasia on a trading expedition into the Siberian taiga. A recluse, she hold the memory of an ancient civilization. In the succeeding books, she shares with him; he shares with us. His encounter transforms his life.  

The vibrancy of her images call for us to create a world of peace and harmony by remembering we are children of God. The Earth has been placed in our care; the image of a garden deep in our psyche. Megre advocates that people create a “kin's domain”--what we would call a homestead--where children are born and raised, where elders are buried when they die--a place of abundance and beauty.  

“Imagine God looking down on you from above right now. And He sees someone driving a tram, another one of His children constructing buildings, another standing in a store and selling things behind a counter. These aren't the professions God created...  He created a marvelous world and gave it in stewardship to His children. Take care of it and use it! But to do that, you must understand this world. Understand what the Moon is, what the herb known as yarrow is...” writes Megre.  

He continues, “If we really listen to our hearts, together, we ought to go from simply talking about spirituality to its material embodiment. One [homestead] is but a tiny dot on the face of our planet Earth, but millions of these dots will transform the whole planet into a flourishing garden. Trillions of flower petals, along with the happy smiles of children and oldsters will tell the Universe that the people of the Earth are ready for a grand co-creation.”  

What if White Rose Farm focused on helping people experience a lively homestead and learn skills of heart and hand so that they could create their own Space of Love in which to raise their families? 

Anastasia says, “Fruits grown with love can give their grace only to those who themselves have instilled love in them, or to those to whom the growers give them of their own free will.”  

I know this is true: I have experienced it. Food is not a commodity: it is a gift from God. How can we create loving homes when we feed our families food that is thoughtlessly or negligently grown—whether it is organic or not? 

I am very grateful that my parents created A Space of Love for me. I want to share it with others. I cannot sell life without demeaning the sacred—no one can—but I can share it. I can share my knowledge. I can share my space. Together we can create a world of beauty, harmony and love.  

It starts with the seed of an idea and the willingness to nurture that seed. Something, someone, some energy is drawn to that seed. Then the dance begins: the dance with life.  That is our most important work—to invite people into the dance of life. I remember the words to a song I wrote years ago, “ We can all weave, we can all spin, we can all dare to let others in, by telling our stories, sharing our songs, together we bring ourselves home.”  

Home, a Space of Love, may we find it and nurture it this spring...and forever.


Heard this week:
I'm so proud of what you've been doing with White Rose Farm! What a wonderful contribution you're making to your community and our world. Daryl



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Our next event will be a full moon gathering on Saturday, March 7, starting at 4:00 p.m. We will be working with seeds. 

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