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This week, a young boy and girl each gave Hazel the Heifer her bottle of milk. 

Others marveled at what asparagus looks like as it grows. And one woman snapped and tasted a fresh spear. Most everyone left with fabulous lettuce, and a retired gentleman helped me put tarps over the top of the hoop house. 

The elder flowers are now in full bloom. World class gardener Alan Chadwick said that fruit is perfectly ripe for one moment. The flowers are radiant one day--and that is the best day to pick them to make elder flower champagne. We made a batch of the champagne tonight, as well as a batch of elder flower cordial-something I have never tried before. 

Family Time began last week. One boy, in particular, found his way to the hammock. A young boy and his mom helped me move the adolescent Guinea hens from the barn to the chicken house where they will spend several days before I set them free.   

We have planned a Family Yoga program as part of our Family Time on June 21 to honor the United Nations Sponsored International Day of Yoga and we are hosting a special program on June 20--full moon and summer solstice.

Then, of course, we will swing into summer with a Barn Dance with live music and a live caller on Saturday, June 18. 

 Hope to see you soon! The farm is a place to connect with nature and with others. 







In this paradigm, we work with Nature and share with others rather than producing food for consumers. One model separates and alienates us from each other and from the Earth. The other fosters healthy living. Everyone can participate—by fermenting food, sprouting seeds, and appreciating the world around us. The food nourishes us physically; connecting with Mother Nature nurtures us emotionally and spiritually.

We hold the seeds of the future inside us! By planting seeds of hope and sharing, we create a new model, a new paradigm: ABunDance!

We will be inviting people to join the dance of life this season! Stay tuned as we develop the details!

Sally Voris 


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More community events next week

Posted by Sally Voris :: Friday, June 17 :: 9:29am


We hope you will join us for other community events next week!  

Summer Solstice: Sunset and Moonrise

June 20 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. 

From a hillside on the farm, one can watch sunset and moonrise  On June 20, we will do just that as we celebrate the full moon and Summer Solstice.We will build a fire circle in the fire circle and pick and eat food from the garden, including fresh peas.  As dusk settles, the fireflies rise in drifts from the fields. Bring a drum or a musical instrument, if you choose, and food to share. We will observe this special day with singing, drumming and feasting! Cost: $10/adult; children and farm members FREE. 

 Family Yoga: June 21 at 10:30 a.m.  

Yoga Instructor and Wellness Advocate Laurel Brennan will lead Family Yoga as part of the Farm's regularly scheduled Family Time on Tuesday mornings (9:00 a.m. to noon.) We will be participating in this United Nations sanctioned day, the International Day of Yoga, to focus on peace and harmony throughout the world.

Weather permitting, yoga will be in the grass surrounded by beautiful views of the garden at the farm, 5009 Teeter Road.  After yoga, Laurel will introduce essential oils for those interested. Produce from the farm will also be available. Please bring a yoga mat or beach towel for each participant. Cost: $15 per family for non-farm members. FREE for members of the farm. (Click here for more information about farm membership.) Click here to register.  Click here fora flyer. 

My dance-instructor Karen Boger had asked me and now I am asking you to take a few moments of quiet just at sunset on June 21, International Yoga Day. She is suggesting that we sound "OM". The image is the people all over the world will be meditating and sounding "Om" to create a wave of peace and harmony.

Sacred Women's Circle:

Saturday, June 25, 10:00 to 3:30 p.m. 

My friend, Gwen Marable, is leading a Sacred Women's Circle. An Octogenarian, Gwen has been a member of two circles of women for some twenty years.She speaks so persuasively about those circles and what they offer to her and others, that she offered to lead a women's circle meeting regularly eight times a year at the changing of the seasons. The circle will bring energy to the farm; the farm will offer energy to the circle. Gwen will facilitate the group.

We are opening the circle to all the women in our larger network.  Please call with questions (410-756-9303 or if you are interested in the group. There will be a suggested donation of $25 for each event, with a discounted suggestion of $15 for first-time participants.   Click here to register. We limit the group to twelve people. 
Making Elder Flower Champagne 
Sunday, June 26, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. 

Join Sally Voris to learn how to make the farm's signature Elder Flower Champagne. Bring a gallon of spring water and a pot that will hold a gallon of liquid. Fermentation materials will be supplied. Grolsch bottles recommended for bottling the champagne are also available ordered ahead. Cost is $25.00. Click here to order the bottles needed for one batch of champagne. Click here to register. 

Hope to see you soon! And Happy Summer! 

Sally Voris, White Rose Farm, 410-756-9303


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The farm now has a non-profit associated with it: White Rose Farm Circle, Inc. Its vision is to develop and share a model of community that empowers people to work together to restore health to the land, the natural world and each other. Donations are tax deductible. We invite you to contribute! All donations are welcome!  


Events at the Farm!

White Rose Farm Circle, Inc. is hosting a Barn Dance on Saturday, June 18 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Put on your (comfortable) dancing shoes and come dance with us!       

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