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Life on the farm is drawing inward as our fall season begins. It has been dry here, very dry but the rain is coming and the garden will green with fall crops. Now is the time to harvest food from the garden, gather around a fire circle, sing songs, and tell stories  We hope you will join us! Come for a visit and find what feeds you!



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Grounded, Centered and Balanced....

Posted by Sally Voris :: Thursday, September 29 :: 11:34am

Few activities restore my soul as easily or deeply as working in the garden with others. I invite you to join me! In October, we will host our volunteer time on Saturday evenings with a fire circle following the work, weather permitting. This Saturday, we will have a star gazing program starting at 7:00 p.m. (for a nominal charge.)

As part of our volunteer work, I plan four us to spread biodynamic preparations on the garden. The volunteer time will include an introduction to biodynamic agriculture. This form of agriculture was initiated by Rudolf Steiner in 1924. It includes working with the rhythms of nature and of imagining one's farm as a living organism. The farm will provide volunteers with food for roasting over the open fire and we invite people to bring food to share. Please bring tools, gloves and wear mud-worthy footwear. It is often colder and windier here, so bring an extra layer of clothing.

Volunteer time is free and appropriate for families with school-age children, though there is a reasonable charge for the star gazing program. The sky may be exceptionally clear after a big storm. It is also just past the new moon, the best time of the month to see the stars.  Bring stories, songs, drums and musical instruments to share around the fire after the meal. 

 Any questions? Please call 410-756-9303. RSVP is helpful. 
Thanks and hope to see you soon!
Sally Voris, White Rose Farm, 410-756-9303


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The farm now has a non-profit associated with it: White Rose Farm Circle, Inc. Its vision is to develop and share a model of community that empowers people to work together to restore health to the land, the natural world and each other. Donations are tax deductible. We invite you to contribute! All donations are welcome!  


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Our next event is Star Gazing at the New Moon, on Saturday, October 1. Click here to register.       

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