Time to Explore Inner Landscapes...

As winter draws near, nature calls us to explore our inner landscapes. This year, especially, our outer political processes are calling forth feelings and patterns that have been held inside. In this coming season, we hope to offer opportunities to gather, to share, to release and to transmute old patterns and feelings so that a deeper sense of relationship to the land, the natural world and each other may emerge.

May we find harmony with all living beings,



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Call to Life!

Posted by Sally Voris :: Tuesday, November 22 :: 7:27pm

I farm the present moment, 

A place where inner and outer landscapes meet.

A place beyond past and just short of future

A place of mystery, possibility and shadow.

Dare I enter?

The garden beckons

And I am called to bring forth seeds

Out of my own dark spaces.

What gifts do they bring? What terror?

Some I bury; some I burn.

Some I plant in fertile ground,

scatter to the winds or lift to the rising sun.

What will blossom and fruit?

What will emerge stunted, deformed?

What will wither in sudden frost, harsh winds, blistering sun, drought?

What must I kill?

What a marvel this process of ripening,

Of meeting the moment: its delight and peril,

Of marrying inner and outer, Heaven and Earth, self and other,  

This call to live!

What does this moment hold for you?

Sally Voris 


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