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White Rose Farm offers a place to connect with the beauty, bounty and balance of nature. 

I understood more deeply how important a place can be when when I visited Carolyn Toben at the Timberlake Earth Sanctuary near Greensboro, North Carolina,  She had been friends with theologian Thomas Berry. He asserted that, "The human-earth relationship is the primary experience of the Divine. We are touched by what we touch, we are shaped by what we shape, we are enhanced by what we enhance.The sense of the sacred is at the heart of it all."  

In our modern world, there are so few places that nurture the human-Earth relationship. At White Rose Farm, we invite people into the gardens to touch, shape and enhance the natural world. When they return to their own worlds, they carry that touch with them.  

The outer world of nature and the inner world of humans go together, Berry said. As we connect with the world around us, we promote wholeness in ourselves and in our world. We restore our commons--common air, common water, common-unity.

How exciting!    

Sally Voris


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Seed Paper Workshop

Posted by Sally Voris :: Sunday, July 13 :: 9:46am


Diane Wittner has had an unexpected change of plans. We postponed her coming to lead the seed paper workshop until September 7. It is a wonderful process, I will be glad to show people how to make seed papers today from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. And we will host an informal full moon gathering afterward. 

Sally Voris, White Rose Farm

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Heard this week:

"Thanks so much for the class! Keep growing!"Lisa   

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We have postponed Diane Wittner's  seed paper workshop until September 7. I will be glad to show people the seed paper process informally from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. today and we will still hold an informal full moon gathering this evening starting at 6:30 p.m. 


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Again this year, the farm will use an economic model developed by Charles Eistenstein. He encourages us to honor that the gifts we give each other have more than monetary value. Know that it costs roughly $125/day to maintain the farm. We invite you to contribute to the farm according to the value you believe you receive from the farm and its work.