Welcome to Our 2014 Season!

Holding and sharing wholeness--that is now the focus at White Rose Farm. The farm now radiates wholeness in the form of beauty, bounty and balance. That experience is available to those who visit--and to those who are touched by the farm's produce and products.

Theologian Thomas Berry said that we are touched by what we touch; we are shaped by what we shape; we are enhanced by what we enhance. Our relationship with nature is our primary experience of the divine. The outer world of nature and the inner world of humans go together.  

In our modern world, there are few places that encourage a deep connection with the natural world. At White Rose Farm, we invite people into the gardens to connect and to create with nature. By connecting and creating, we promote wholeness in ourselves and in our world.

We restore our commons--common air, common water, common-unity.

How exciting! Won't you join us?    

Sally Voris


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Planting Seeds

Posted by Sally Voris :: Tuesday, October 28 :: 9:40pm

My black and white border collie

Greets every vehicle that comes

Down the long farm lane.

He barks, he moves close to the tires,

He growls and bites at the bumpers.

A herd dog, he herds cars and trucks primarily,

Though occasionally he chases

chickens, geese, the cat.

Two students climb down from the van

To greet the dog.

We walk to meet the others.

Holy S—t! That's a cow in that field!” says the one.

Exactly, that s—t  is  holy!” I respond.

I greet the students from a local college.

I quote Rudolf Steiner, Alan Chadwick and Thomas Berry.

I explain concepts and create exercises

To illustrate the course they study: Earth and Religion.

What will they take away?

Picking carrots, turnips and flowers.

Swatting flies, running from bees.

Holding a chicken,

Watching rapt as

A chicken prepares to lay an egg,

Laughing as a dog runs freely and happily,

Warming as a cat curls and purrs.

Stepping back, stepping forward

To feed a cow carrots and turnips

As she swishes her tail,

And eats out of their hands.

Feeling and smelling dirt.

Running down rows of corn,

Laughing, whooping and calling to each other.

Pulling stakes and plants out of the ground,

Hoeing and raking up withering crops

And carting them to the compost pile.

Watching an older woman

Drive a tractor across a field to till ground.

Blessing and planting seeds for the coming year.

How far beyond words grow the seeds that were planted today!  



Heard this week:
We will come back and visit soon, so happy you exist on this planet! Scott and Katie



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Join us on Sunday, October 26 at our open house. We have great greens in the garden, and weather permitting, we will host a fire circle. 

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Owner Sally Voris has been inspired by Charles Eistenstein, author of Sacred Economics. He encourages us to honor that the gifts we give each other have more than monetary value. The farm now is focused on honoring the circle of life, rather than on selling vegetables. We invite you to step into that circle by making a contribution to the farm. Know that it costs roughly $125/day to maintain the farm.