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Community: Come Unity!

Posted 6/1/2017 8:24pm by Sally Voris .

 "We have lost our essential unity with the soil...." 

World-class gardener Alan Chadwick began many lectures with this quote. As I work in the garden, I muse on this quote. The weather has become more extreme and unpredictable. I am no longer sure what produce I will have any one day or week. My early basil plants died in an unexpected freeze. Another night, the geese ate a row of lettuce; a week later, deer ate two rows. Last week, the hogs trampled some soil so densely that it will be hard to rehabilitate.

What am I doing out here? I am cultivating essential unity with soil, essential unity with myself. A young man has come to learn how to grow his own food. To grow food, I explained, you must cultivate good soil; to cultivate good soil, you must cultivate yourself. Every week, I show him how to work, how to think, how to move to cultivate wholeness, the basis of health.   

Another community member has offered to give a circle membership to a family struggling with cancer. Community I wrote back.  Come unity!

Let's recognize that we are are one with all life and work together to create the world that we want for our children and grandchildren--or other people's children or grandchildren--or the frogs and birds and toads...

Community! Come Unity! A circle of life; a circle of living. We invite you to join the circle! Click here to learn more about membership.  


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