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Uncharted Territory

Posted 9/13/2017 8:35pm by Sally Voris .


Greetings! I am moving into my own personal uncharted territory: I plan to write about working with nature. As a farmer, my most essential work is to restore the invisible web of connections that supports life itself. 

I set a living process in motion, with the right parameters and the right ingredients. Then I let nature weave her magic.  She naturally creates a thousand-fold increase. I enjoy her fruits. When a process is ending, I often help transform the remains into the next living process.

I never know exactly what will happen; there are always unknown factors at play. Sometimes, I misjudge the parameters; sometimes other factors intervene. I learn from most experience. As I have used this approach,  the garden has become more beautiful, bountiful and balanced; the food more delicious and satisfying. 

I have studied biodynamic agriculture for over ten years. This approach, initiated by philosopher Rudolf Steiner in a series of lectures on agriculture in 1924, frames agriculture in the context of the cosmos, the interrelationships between the earth and the heavens, and then with the intimate relationships among all living things. Steiner said that we needed "to learn from the whole of nature...knowledge that can really enter into the inner workings of nature." World-class gardener Alan Chadwick personified this approach. (Visit http://chadwickarchive.org

When I saw images of the flooding in Houston and Jacksonville, I wanated to share what I know about the more subtle processes of nature. For it is not just what we see, but what we feel; it is not just what is visible, but also what is invisible; and then how they are woven together that creates fertility. When one works with all three aspects in a spiritual process, the garden radiates color; it throbs with vitality. What joy!    

I plan to post a blog at least once a week (usually on Wednesdays.) We (the Circle) now have a communications intern from UMBC, Lucas Garner. He will help post the farm's events on the website weekly--on Sundays.

As this is uncharted territory, some of you may choose not to come along. No hard feelings. Please unsubscribe. Those of you who want to receive the blog as an e-mail blast, let me know, I can start such an e-list.

My best to you all! May we all savor our journeys.



P.S. Here is a delicious quote from Alan Chadwick: 


"To take possession of anything is to bind it to oneself. If I cut a tree for wood - select it, fall it, limb it, cut it into lengths, and carry it to the hearth - the warmth I feel in November is very much of my making. If I turn the earth and plant a seed in April, the food I harvest in July is my own in the most direct manner. And yet it isn't at all - and that is another aspect of taking possession, though it appears contradictory. For though I take food from the ground and eat it, and though I know it to be mine, I also know it as a gift. 
Possession in this sense is an act of experience which incorporates acknowledgement of our ultimate dependence -- not a holding of title. The food is a gift from the earth and the stars. I make it mine by my labor. One can possess nothing in the absence of an investment of energy. Possession may be nine-tenths of the law, but in the absence of such investment -- essentially spiritual -- it is nothing.
Any human experience which is deeply satisfying reverberates with spiritual overtones. A culture which denies such manifestations reduces human effort to toil, wisdom to fact, and it attaches value only to what can be counted or measured.”
~ Alan Chadwick














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