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Next delivery to the metro areas

Posted 11/16/2017 7:01pm by Sally Voris .




Thank you to those of you who ordered our Harvest Special last weekend!  

I appreciate your support and hope and trust you enjoy the farm's food! 

Our next delivery to the Metro areas will be Sunday, December 10. We will have butternut squash, sweet potatoes and Daikon Radish. Also Jerusalem artichokes, if there is interest. I will send out another e-mail closer to the 10th.

Meantime, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. 






    TANEYTOWN, MARYLAND                                                                                                    WWW.WHITEROSEFARM.COM


Our Season continues....

Our next big event? A puppet show on September 22 featuring Beech Tree Puppets.   Check our calendar for details.  

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