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Leaves Jeeves!

Posted 11/30/2017 8:45pm by Sally Voris .




The leaves have arrived! Bags and bags of them! Come help make the biggest leaf pile in the county this Saturday morning--and have fun opening and spreading leaves on the gardens at White Rose Farm. (The leaves add organic matter to the soil, and over time, enliven and enrich it. )  

Several mothers have said that this activity is their son's FAVORITE! So pack up your family, wear old clothes and come spend an hour or two at the farm.

The farm still has great sweet potatoes, butternut squash, turnips and Daikon radish for sale--and you can dig your own Jerusalem artichokes! 

Come romp in the leaves with your children and remember how filling simple pleasures can be! 



P.S. If you can let me know you are coming, that will help me plan. 








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