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Quietly Sweet

Posted 6/3/2018 2:11pm by Sally Voris .


As the outer environment becomes more chaotic and disordered, I am  deeply nourished by quiet sweetness. A friend inspired this poem: 

Quietly Sweet

Who knew how quietly sweet life could be?

My friend sees her grandson smile and wonders,

How could he look so much like the son she had held in her arms?

Dare I say she feels the ineffable flow

Of one generation to another, of life itself?

As she shops with her husband for plants for their garden.

She realizes how wonderfully warm their hearth is.


I give rose water and elder flowers

To a young woman who is moving to a new home:

She wants a safe place to start a family.

Bless the home that you are leaving, I say,

And the home where you are going.

The elder flowers honor the end in all beginnings,

And the beginning in all endings.

The rose water is for abiding love.

How do we make a house a home

A dwelling place for spirit?


I gaze into a young man's eyes and see a lively tender soul.

I know I can trust his heart; I soar with his spirit.

My heart opens.

I pick fresh flowers and dine by candlelight.

I take more baths, buy new clothes and take more time to dress.

So many small touches that soften and delight me.

How unexpected this opening is—and how joyful!


How do we savor the sweetness that nature creates in every moment?

Roses freely release clouds of fragrance heavenward.

Fireflies rise in the fields like twinkling stars.

Birds twitter exuberantly at first light.

Frogs croak in the deep dusk.

A soft breeze stirs the trees.


How do we savor the sweetness that we carry inside?

May we be like the flowers--

Our hearts releasing our essence

to meet the moment and the other

As timeless life enfolds us

Quietly in sweetness.


May you find sweetness too! 





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Quiet time is starting....

Hazel is back! She is pregnant and due midwinter. Our thanks to Leah Mack, at whose farm Hazel and Daisy spent the summer with a virile bull.  Now we want to find Daisy, a pure-bred Jersey, a new home. She is pregnant and due mid-spring. Interested? Please contact me. Thanks. Sally    

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