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Rain Date for May Day Celebration?????

Posted 4/28/2016 4:04pm by Sally Voris .

Several people have asked is there a rain date for the May Day Celebration? There is no good rain date--the next Sunday is Mother's Day. Here is our latest plan: 

On Sunday morning by 9:00 a.m., I will decide based on the weather and the weather report whether to cancel the event or not. I will post a notice on the website and send an e-mail to the farm's e-list. One year, it poured and we canceled the event.
If the weather is iffy, we will go forward--with a back-up of holding events in the studio and the barn: we can do crafts and flower baskets. Ingrid can perform the puppet show. Another friend, a storyteller, is preparing a story. The band can perform in the barn. It may not be ideal, but it is decidedly real. 
Hope we can make this happen and hope to see you!  
P.S. Yes, you can pay by check or cash the day of the event.  The weather forecast has changed every day I have checked. So I suggest you wait, and pray for good weather. This will be a great event if we can get it in!!!!
Quiet time is starting....

Hazel is back! She is pregnant and due midwinter. Our thanks to Leah Mack, at whose farm Hazel and Daisy spent the summer with a virile bull.  Now we want to find Daisy, a pure-bred Jersey, a new home. She is pregnant and due mid-spring. Interested? Please contact me. Thanks. Sally    

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