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Global Sisterhood Gathering

November 18th, 2017 2:00pm - 4:00pm

This image from our last gathering seems playful enough to fit with the focus of our next gathering on NOvember 18 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Erin Quinley will focus on the benefits of "play for adults." She has worked in the outdoor education field for the last ten years. 

She writes, " I have seen the most troubled people come out of their shells, the most anxious people's shoulders drop a full inch, and the most unruly children sit quietly in the stillness of a forest, when given the opportunity to play outside. I plan on bringing that feeling to our group." What a great offering! Thank you, Erin.  

We have scheduled our next gathering earlier than usual to accommodate several of our older members who want to drive home before dark. 
The Gathering is free and is part of a world-wide movement of soulful women focused on transforming themselves and the world. As part of this world-wide movement, women gather in circle on the day of the new moon. 
Here is some information shared by the Global Sisterhood: 

The new moon starts a new cycle. It is a powerful time for setting and activating new intentions. And aligning with the moon's cycle brings a natural rhythm to our lives that nourishes well-being and harmony. 

In many communities in our modern world, we’ve lost touch with this sacred ritual of connection and community. It is time to ignite and unify Sister Circles together on a global scale so we can co-create a new paradigm of mutual respect, upliftment, connection, unity, trust between women.... and share the Divine Feminine wisdom with the world.

We collect donations to support women refugees in the world. Please register so we know how to prepare the space. 
To being ourselves in the world! 
Quiet time is starting....

Hazel is back! She is pregnant and due midwinter. Our thanks to Leah Mack, at whose farm Hazel and Daisy spent the summer with a virile bull.  Now we want to find Daisy, a pure-bred Jersey, a new home. She is pregnant and due mid-spring. Interested? Please contact me. Thanks. Sally    

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