Friends and Associates

White Rose Farm participates in associations and networks concerned with food, health and agriculture.  Owner Sally Voris is a member of: 

The Biodynamic Association, an active, professional association of farms and farmers interested in and practicing biodynamic agriculture in North America. The farm is recognized as a mentor farm by the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program. Sally Voris has been recognized as a mentor farmer, one of some 50 in North America.  

The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA). That association holds a dynamic winter conference in State College, Pennsylvania and educational field days throughout the summer. PASA has provided essential leadership in representing small farmers and the federal government considers how to regulate food safety. 

The Chesapeake Biodynamic Network, which meets at The Christian Community in College Park, Maryland. For more information, contact Michael Judge,

Locally, these are some of our local associates:

Vickii Engell Thomas, 

112 E. Main Street, Westminster, Maryland, 21157

"Have the courage to go deep within your body and find exquisitely laced within every cell your Sacred Truths, the essential keys that will open your Life's Path to Freedom & Joy, Peace and Possibility." says Vickii Engell Thomas, the Center's administrator and massage practitioner. 


Jim and Paul Thomas, Samara Healing Center

4148 E. Diehl Road

Taneytown, MD 21787

Jim is a certified acupuncturist who combines acupuncture, bodywork and guided body-centered dialogue. He offers sound healing clinics, day-long retreats and weekly meditation. Paul Thomas offers individual and group sound healing sessions. 






Quiet time is starting....

Hazel is back! She is pregnant and due midwinter. Our thanks to Leah Mack, at whose farm Hazel and Daisy spent the summer with a virile bull.  Now we want to find Daisy, a pure-bred Jersey, a new home. She is pregnant and due mid-spring. Interested? Please contact me. Thanks. Sally    

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