Here are some of our favorite recipes as well as recipes for our featured item of the week.
Kale and New Potatoes
This recipe is from a happy customer!
Products (Garlic, Kale, Potato)

Adapted from Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz
Products (Kombucha tea)

Radish and Root Kimchi
A delicious treat for the palate and for the gut. This recipe has been modified from Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz

Peach Chutney
A tasty way to use peaches. Open a can of chick peas and pour the chutney over them for a quick and delicious side dish.

Peach/Arugula Salad
This recipe, adapted from one in Recipes from a Kitchen Garden by Shepherd's Garden Seeds offer a beautiful presentation and great flavor.

Beet Salad with Red currants
Red currant sauce adds a zing to the traditional beets.
Products (Beet, Red Currants)

Kale Salad with Red Currants
The currants add zing and color to this summer salad.

Mulberry Tonic
A delicious, nutritiious tonic made from wild berries.
Products (Whey)

Mulberry Punch
A delicious, nutritious punch made from wild berries.
Products (Peppermint)

Dandelion Flower Cookies
This from a fellow biodynamic farmer.

Tomato-Pear Chutney
A delcious blend of flavors and a good base for a quick stew

Elderflower Champagne
This is easy to make, guzzlingly good, and taken from Wendy E. Cook's The Biodynamic Food & Cookbook
Products (Edible flowers)

Sally's Oatmeal Bread
A really good bread--especially for toast. And it is nearly foolproof.
Products (Flax, Raw Honey)

Apple Shrub
A recipe shared from the Local Harvest newsletter

Sassy Tea
This refreshing and cleansing tea is easy to make and good as a cleanse for your system.
Products (Mint, Lemons, Ginger)

Elder Flower Champagne
A delicious and refreshing summer drink from Wendy E. Cook in The Biodynamic Food &Cookbook
Products (Flowers, Edible)

Susan Weed's Nettle Beer
1 pound raw sugar 2 lemons 1 ounce cream of tarter 5 quarts of water 2 pounds nettle tops 1 ounce live yeast Place sugar, lemon peel (no whilte), lemon juice, and cream of tartar in a large crock. Cook nettles in water for fifteen minutes. Stra
Products (Nettle)

Rosemary Ale ( a recipe dating from 1695)
A light, refreshing drink
Products (Rosemary, Rosemary)

Pork Dumplings for Chinese New Year
A recipe for Chinese New Year's dumplings
Products (Cabbage, Pastured Pork)

Stuffed Swiss Chard Leaves
An easy, filling, attractive main course with Swiss chard from our foodie and chef, Michael Spaner
Products (Swiss Chard)

Nettle Pie with Feta - Nettlekopita
Flaky phyllo sheets are layered with a nettle and feta cheese filling. Nettlekopita can be made as a "pie" or pita, or as individual phyllo triangles.

New Mexico-Style Calabacita
A great blend of flavors from the southwest

Salsa de Tomatillo
a mild , but piquant alternative to tomato-based salsas.

Sage and Thyme Rub
This is a terrific blend for slow-cooked pork roasts. Best made in a food processor.

Fresh Ham
the perfect Christmas Day feast
Products (Pork Ham Roast)

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