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Planning for Spring!



Sharing Beauty, Bounty & Balance

Step into the Circle of life at White Rose Farm. Feed body, mind and spirit. Immerse yourself in the rhythms of planting, tending, harvest and quiet. Tend the farm animals; work in the garden; pick your own vegetables; breathe in fresh air. Learn new skills. Meet new people. Relax, retreat, recreate.

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Relieve stress and enhance your health by planting the seeds of community at White Rose Farm!


Touch glorious soil, breathe fresh air, and feel the stirrings of spring! We invite you to join us in the garden! 

Volunteers are tending our farm animals and our large garden on Monday and Thursday mornings and Thursday evenings. Please call ahead to RSVP at 410-756-9303 so we can plan for your visit. 


Bring your own tools, gloves and boots to minimize social contact. (We have soap, water and paper towels for hand washing. )

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The farm hosts a gathering of the Global Sisterhood, a movement of soulful women focused on transforming themselves and the world. Women all over the world gather in circles on the evening of the new moon. We use materials provided by the Global Sisterhood each month to lead a two-hour program focused on some aspect of health and healing. The event is free, all adult women are welcome and we invite you to donate to support women's programs around the world.  

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As the seasons change, a group of women of varying ages gather. We open our gathering; we share our stories and great food, we create collages and we close our time together. We pause; we reflect; we refill; we reset our focus. The practice grounds and deepens us; it also creates deep bonds of friendship. All adult women are welcome; the cost is $15 for a first-timer; $25 for regulars members. 

"For me the farm is a nice place to slow down, to step away from technology and noise. Carroll County is a farming county, but the big farms aren't accessible to people who want a taste of country life. I think that White Rose can offer that taste of what we envision small family farms can be. For the kids it's just so good to see them outside, away from roads and cars, away from video games."


White Rose Farm: A place to connect with the beauty, bounty, and balance of Nature.

5009 Teeter RD, Taneytown, MD 21787 

Want to visit or have any questions? Call us at 410-756-9303

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