Sharing Beauty, Bounty & Balance

Step into the Circle of life at White Rose Farm. Feed body, mind and spirit. Immerse yourself in the rhythms of planting, tending, harvest and quiet. Tend the farm animals; work in the garden; pick your own vegetables; breathe in fresh air. Learn new skills. Meet new people. Relax, retreat, recreate.

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"For me the farm is a nice place to slow down, to step away from technology and noise. Carroll County is a farming county, but the big farms aren't accessible to people who want a taste of country life. I think that White Rose can offer that taste of what we envision small family farms can be. For the kids it's just so good to see them outside, away from roads and cars, away from video games."


White Rose Farm: A place to connect with the beauty, bounty, and balance of Nature.

5009 Teeter RD, Taneytown, MD 21787 

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