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We are engaging people to work together to restore health to the land, the natural world and each other. We are fed deeply when we care for the land that provides for us. Our non-profit, White Rose Farm Circle, Inc. was founded in 2015. We now offer educational, community and seasonal events and volunteer opportunities at White Rose Farm, a 132-acre farm in northwest Carroll County.


Located in the center of an agricultural district, the farm's vistas are of gently rolling fields, traditional hedgerows and woodlands. Farmer Sally Voris works with the rhythms of nature and uses biodynamic practices to enliven soil and all life on the farm. She has created gardens that are beautiful, bountiful and balanced, a space designed to restore harmony and happiness to those who visit.


The farm's large garden displays exuberant colors and textures; bees and butterflies abound. Its vegetables, flowers, fruit and herbs pop with flavor and vitality. The setting allows people to breathe deeply, relax and open to new experiences. Members may taste a new herb or vegetable, pick flowers, hold a chicken, or learn how to use a new tool. We are promoting member sharing through our community Facebook group.


Meet Sally

A friend offered me white roses from her garden. When one wanted to be planted at the front gate, I knew that this farm was meant to be named,”White Rose Farm.” Soon the words, “Beauty, bounty and balance” came to me as touchstones for my work. 


One person has said that this land was held in reverence by Native Americans; another has said that it was a place for healers to heal; a third saw it as a place for shelter and stability in a world swirling with chaos. 


Its latest chapter began when my father purchased this 132-acre farm in 1965. He had wanted to be a farmer. In 1967, he built a small rancher on the northeast side of the property (now the Retreat House) and planned to move here. That dream was never realized. After my mother died, I inherited a quarter interest in the farm. With support from the Agricultural Preservation program in Carroll County, I bought the farm, moved here, and created an old homestead, complete with a large garden, an orchard, a berry patch, a chicken coop, a barn and a family cow. 


In 2005, I met biodynamic consultant Hugh Lovel. He knew much more about farming and agriculture than anyone I had ever met. Soon I was studying biodynamic agriculture intensively. Initiated by Rudolf Steiner in 1924, this approach recognizes the farm as a living organism and all of life supported by spiritual forces. I have been using this approach ever since. 


My dream is to create a place of beauty, bounty and balance that anchors an educational community focused on creating wholeness in ourselves and in our world. I have been deeply inspired by the work of world-class gardener Alan Chadwick. Let me end with a quote: 


“The true approach to biodynamics pauses at the garden gate, and enters in reverence, obedience, love, joy and awe of the invisible becoming manifest for you, with you, as you.” Stephen Crimi 


That is what I have found in the garden. I invite you to join me in this exploration. 


Sally Voris


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Meet The Team

Sally Voris. 3.16.19.jpg

Sally Voris

Sally Voris was recognized regionally and nationally for sharing the stories of her home community of Elkridge and the Patapsco Valley before she moved to the farm her parents had bought in 1966. 

In 2004, after a career combining gardening, storytelling, writing, teaching and organizing,  she began to develop White Rose Farm as a regional center to promote beauty, bounty and balance.  She completed a year-long part-time training program in biodynamic agriculture at The Pfeiffer Center in New York in 2009. She was recognized as a mentor farmer in the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Training Program in 2012.

Throughout her career, she has developed multidimensional programs that bring together art, agriculture, community sharing and a sense of wholeness. She has organized seasonal events, women's circles, full and new moon celebrations and retreats.

Sally believes that as we build relationships with each other and the world around us, we create invisible threads that link us heart to heart. 

Laurel Brennan 3.16.19.jpg

Laurel Brennan

A wellness enthusiast and supporter of the environment for decades with warm memories of gardening as a child with her dad and great-grandfather in a large neighborhood garden. She is thrilled to be part of a growing community at White Rose Farm focused on wellness of human and environment alike. She has a B.A in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy and teaches yoga to all age groups by blending the art and science of the ancient practice. She practices "loving occupations" daily with the support of her husband, Mel, and three children. 

Richard Swerling 3.16.19.jpg

Richard Swerling

A retired pharmacist living in Baltimore, Maryland. He has degrees in both biology and pharmacy.  He has a keen interest in the work of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner especially his philosophy (anthroposophy) and his approach to agriculture: biodynamic farming. This approach sees the earth and land as living organisms with roots in both the physical and spiritual worlds. Since he retired, he has sought to reconnect to the land in a very real and caring way. 

Renee Deiaco.jpg

Renee Deiaco

Renee Deiaco recently retired from her career as a senior center manager. She now devotes much of her time to practicing and teaching Usui/Holy Fire®Reiki and Karuna Reiki®. She also teaches Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong and is a member of the White Rose Farm's Global Sisterhood Gathering. It is Renee's desire to bring healing through compassion for all people, living creatures and our planet. Renee is lives in Carroll County with her husband, 2 cats and 2 dogs and enjoys spending time with her family.

Christine Pilson.3.16.19.jpg

Christine Pilson

I am a Certified Health Coach and a Reiki Master. I received my holistic education through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and the Maryland Center for Reiki Training in Frederick, MD. My specialty is working with people who have digestive issues as well as educating people on the negative effects of stress and how to successfully manage it. 

Darlene Bromwell 3.16.19.jpg

Darlene Bromwell

Married for 40 years to Edward Bromwell. With two children, Bethany and Zachary Bromwell. Bethany lives in DC and Zach lives in NJ with his wife, Tracy, with new granddaughter, Lily. I have lived in Carroll County for 41 years. I have been a bookkeeper for 35 years. I am also a Notary Public. Hobbies include: bowling, yoga, reading and enjoying the company of friends. I love to travel and have a large bucket list!

Karen Holway 3.16.19.jpg

Karen Holway

Graduated with an MBA from the University of Baltimore in 1985. She served as Project Manager for a variety of banks where she was responsible for bank mergers and system upgrades. She later worked with her husband in their custom furniture-making business, handling the marketing and finances as well as building custom furniture. Karen has visited the farm and attended our 10th Anniversary Barn Dance.

Margaret Crowther 3.16.19.jpg

Margaret Crowther

Specializes in teaching Horticulture to students with special needs. Currently she is working at St. Elizabeth School in Baltimore City. She also is a founding member and Chair of the Green Committee for the school, and has shown leadership in obtaining Green School status for St. Elizabeth. Developing environmental practices and awareness has been an important goal for Margaret throughout her career. Margaret also has entrepreneurial and business experience as an owner of a flower shop and a catering business and continues to use all of these skills in her present work. She often uses those skills at the seasonal events hosted at White Rose Farm.  

Rachel Fox 3.16.19.jpg

Rachael Fox

White Rose Farm's online marketing and communication specialist. I am a recent graduate from McDaniel College, I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Urban and Community Sociology. I began with White Rose Farm as an intern and am now working as their media marketer, my goal is to adequately display the values White Rose Farm has through their website and connect members.