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Welcome to the White Rose Farm Circle

We invite you to visit once. If you like what you experience, we invite you to join White Rose Farm Circle as a member. Your membership supports our non-profit organization to create beauty, bounty and balance in ourselves, our community and our world. 

Bring your heart and hands to the land.


Connect with good soil, fresh air, gentle rain, night sky

with others who are like you

with others who are different

With the rhythms of the Earth

and of the seasons.

With bees, birds, butterflies

Toads and frogs

Cows and chickens

With the joy of work

the challenge of daunting weather.


Pick your own food. Watch your children explore and learn.  Grow your awareness and appreciation of the wonder and challenge of living—experiencing birth and death, delight and disgust, joy and sorrow. Develop your  inner capacity to meet the moment with skill and grace.


The moment of meeting is at the heart of what we offer. We invite you to step into the circle of life.

Join us!

White Rose Farm Circle empowers people to restore health to the land, the natural world, and each other.


  • Annual Membership includes monthly Community Day gatherings from May-September with a variety of outdoor activities for all ages.

  • Two seasonal veggie and herb baskets (weeks of your choice)

  • Discounts to workshops and special events. (More details coming soon!)


Yearly Membership Amount:

Family- $75 (6 person limit)

Individual- $55


Thank you for being part of our community! With your membership, you make it possible for us to fulfill our mission to engage people to connect with the natural environment and each other. 

What will you experience when you get to the farm?


Located in an agricultural district in northwest Carroll County, the 132-acre farm recreates an old homestead. It has an old farmhouse, a small orchard, a berry patch, a barn and several outbuildings, including a simple studio. An acre's garden of mixed vegetables, herbs and flowers serve as the visual focus, while geese, cows and chickens roam the pasture. The setting is designed to provide breathing space to unplug from a stressful world and find beauty, bounty and balance.


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