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What can I expect when I visit White Rose Farm? 

How should I prepare for my visit? 

Bring extra clothes—it is windier, colder and muddier here. Bring sunscreen and bug spray. Bring favorite snacks and drinks, especially for children. 

Where should I park?

Please park around the circle near the barn.


What should I do when I arrive?

Relax and notice the world around you. Walk to the customer shed near the farmhouse and sign the visitor's log. If it is your first time, a staff member or volunteer will meet you and give you a brief tour. 

How can I stay safe? 

The animals are domesticated, not tame. Approach them calmly and treat them with respect. Honeybees live on the property. If you are allergic to bee stings, please take the appropriate precautions. Watch for and avoid holes in the ground that may caused by groundhogs. Know what poison ivy looks like and take precautions to prevent it. Wear long pants and check yourself and your guests for ticks.


How do I respect the garden? Stay on the pathways and in the straw-filled trenches so the plant roots can breathe. 


Am I allowed to take vegetables home?

We encourage visitors to pick their own vegetables. Rubber bands and scissors are in the customer shed. Rubber tubs are just outside the shed. Pick the outside leaves of leaf greens, leave at least 2/3 of any plant so it has the strength to recover. Return all tools (scissors, tubs, etc. ) when you are finished, and clean up behind yourself. 


After working in the fields or holding animals or eggs, wash your hands with soap located near the customer shed. 

Rinse your vegetables well. 

Is there a first-aid kit? 

Yes, it is just inside the door of the customer shed.


If you have questions, ask. If you have concerns, please share them!

We hope you have a wonderful visit at the farm!

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